About Us

About Us.

The Bluefields Villas Foundation was founded in late 2009 as the non-profit arm of Bluefields Bay: Jamaican Seaside Villas. The mission of BVF is to protect the natural environment of the villages constituting the coastline of the Bluefields Bay, as well as to protect the aquatic life of the Bay itself. BVF also seeks to contribute to the health, welfare and well-being of the region’s residents. The Bluefields Villas Foundation was not incorporated in 2009 on a whim – its formation as a legal entity was merely an attempt to institutionalize long-established charitable efforts. Bluefields Bay: Jamaican Seaside Villas was founded in 1982, and the resort’s guests have become enchanted enough by the local community to contribute with time and money ever since. Some major pre-BVF achievements included: The donation of thirty computers to the Bluefields People’s Community Association that were used for computer literacy classes; Monthly stipends for the teachers at the Bluefields  Basic School for children aged three to five; Financial support for the Bluefields Fisherman’s Association, an organization dedicated to sustainable fishing practices; The building of flush toilets for...

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  • BVF helps disabled woman pick up the pieces after fire

    BVF helps disabled woman pick up the pieces after fire

    When news broke that 54-year-old Sandra Whyte, a disabled elderly resident of Upstreet, Belmont in Westmoreland was among several individuals who had lost their homes in a fire, the Bluefields Villas Foundation (BVF) team sprang into response mode to locate and bring well-needed aid to the senior....

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  • Patrol


    The Bluefields Villas Foundation would like to congratulate local efforts that led to Bluefields Bay being declared an aquatic wildlife sanctuary in 2011. It is now illegal to fish in the majority of the Bay. Virgin Vacations and the Travel Foundation paid for buoys to be put out into the water...

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  • Jamaica Tackles its Lionfish Problem

    Jamaica Tackles its Lionfish Problem

    Excerpt taken from Caribbean Journal: “The invasive Lionfish has spread across the Caribbean – from the Cayman Islands to Grenada. The continued threat has led to some unusual solutions – like that of renowned Chef Michael Schwartz, whose eponymous restaurant in Grand Cayman has taken a culinary...

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